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9 guaranteed ways to get more followers for your Facebook page

Facebook page followers

We the digital marketing service providers usually face many challenges when we are asked by the client to grow their Facebook page followers count.

It is a hectic task, Sometimes when they enquire about our social media marketing services, They do not hesitate to ask that how much do we charge for 1 Lakh Facebook followers within a month.

I know it’s funny, But it’s stupid. Because You can try many fake Facebook followers generators where you will spend thousands of rupees but in the end, you will get no results, Even you will lose a good amount of money believing those platforms will help increase the Facebook page followers.

So to avoid those problems and struggles to get a lot of followers for your Facebook page we are going to discuss 9 authentic/genuine ways through which you can generate 1000s of Facebook page followers every month easily.

1. Reshare other people’s content:

You may think it is a stupid idea. But actually, it isn’t. If you have a competitor and they are doing something which is generating much more engagements and followers to their page there is nothing wrong with approaching that idea and applying for your business.

Generally, good content can easily attract visitors and force them to become a permanent members of your business family by liking and following your Facebook page.

2. Use Facebook page like widget on your website

Yes, if you have a website try to leverage benefit out of it. Even there are many plugins available in the WordPress repository which can pop up as a Facebook-like button and redirect the visitors to your Facebook page directly which will turn the website visitors into Facebook page followers.

But you must be careful trying this method as it will create bad interaction and impression with your web page for the visitors and can create a high bounce rate for your website, which is a bad indicator for google’s search algorithms.

3. Add Social Media Links in your Website

If you are there on many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Linkedin then try to give the links of those platforms in your website in the form of small icons, through which the website visitors can easily navigate all your social media pages easily.

4. Create more video content

Now after the emergence of YouTube, TikTok and Instagram Reels kind of platforms people are spending hours consuming the vertical video contents of these platforms. They are small, crisp, and clear and get more engagements for your page.

You can share short video content on your Facebook page, Instagram page, and in your YouTube channel as well.

Especially by using Instagram reels, you can generate thousands of lakhs of likes and followers for your Instagram account organically.

5. Offer a coupon for liking facebook page

Many businesses are there who are giving a cashback or a discount coupon to their customers to like the Facebook page and sharing it on their personal profiles.

This is a great idea to generate many organic and genuine Facebook page followers for a basic minimal price.

6. Optimize your Facebook page and write a great bio with clear call to action button

Without optimizing our Facebook page, it will not appear on the relevant searches on Facebook.

For example, if you are a government official choose the theme accordingly, if you are a restaurant choose the Facebook restaurant theme, or if you are a hospital or business choose the theme of Facebook according to the nature of your business or profile of your Facebook page.

You have to enter the full name of your business, choose your category, a brief description about your business, add your logo or profile picture if any, add a cover photo, add the location info with a precise map if possible, add your business hours for local SEO optimization, and then you have to choose the messaging preference like choosing Facebook messenger or WhatsApp chat button through which your Facebook page visitors can contact you directly.

And at last, don’t forget to add a call to action button through which visitors can directly call you on your contact number.

7. Stay active and keep posting regularly

After you optimized your Facebook page successfully, You must be active on the platform on a regular basis. Post images, videos, content on a regular basis on your page.

Don’t forget that content is the king so try to produce high-quality content before posting them on the Facebook page.

8. Engage with the comments in your community section and respond to them

Not only on Facebook, But every other social media platforms follow a thumb rule as their algorithm.

If you are engaging with your community, like replying to your comments, liking and engaging with other people’s content, and sharing them on your fraternity and page are good signals that will cater to create a homogenous community for your business as well.

9. Use Facebook ads platform wisely

Yes, I choose to put the Facebook ads in the last. because it is not organic, you have to pay or spend with Facebook ads platforms to attract more like-minded people to like your Facebook page.

Always remember that money can’t buy followers, it’s your brand, your reputation, the quality of the content of your business that will generate the followers for your Facebook page.

Even though, if you can afford to put a generous amount of money on Facebook engagement campaign and target to get more page likes then obviously those likes will be converted to Facebook followers.

Because this is a technical thing, and you have to put a lot of time on research your suitable audience for your business and generate more followers which will be hard for you.

We at Digiframe Marketing solutions, will help you to get more Facebook followers for your business within a short period of time depending upon your daily and monthly budget.

Thank you for your time!

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